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Break the cycle of judging for not being your greater self

A perspective on happiness: How to find self-acceptance in a world where criticism is the most commonly used tool. We are looking for greatness to be remembered for what we

A new perspective on life — how to find your way back to yourself in everyday life

Not every day starts ideal. Sometimes we loose our happy state already in the first minutes of the day and struggle to come back. It’s not the circumstances that make

The concept of enough — Finding happiness and peace

What is enough and why knowing that will bring you happiness Throughout our lives, everyone has taught you to become more successful in some way. This might also make you happy

What is your routine? An experiment to discover your own habit systems

This guide will allow you to kickstart a direct reflection of your regular habits. Gain clarity about your own goals, systems and motivations. The result might surprise you. This guide

Writing down 10 daily ideas will change your life forever

Creativity is a muscle that you can build. The best way to build a muscle is regular disruption, this is why habits are so powerful. Daily ideas will pump it

The concept of self-actualization

Stop living someone else’s life and start your own Concepts are our common way to develope things — it gives us safety in uncertain times. What is good or bad about concepts in general? (Good) We

Daily habits. Understand why you do them.

Find the tipping point to hand over full ownership. Your business needs your leadership, but maybe not in the way you thought. Leadership is the base for everything that follows.