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A new perspective on life — how to find your way back to yourself in everyday life

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Not every day starts ideal. Sometimes we loose our happy state already in the first minutes of the day and struggle to come back.

It’s not the circumstances that make us happy. 
It’s just our perspective.

Find your perspective

Why are rich people not happier? 
Why can we sit in the most beautiful place in the world and still be sad?

We can easily find happiness with enough. We can also easily drown in sorrowful thoughts. But also: switch from one mode to the other.

Perspective is something that we can train. It’s not fully in our control. But we are able to manipulate it and develop an awareness. Without recognizing our inner state, there is no chance to become active. Normally, our mood is a good indicator of shifts:

  • Are you unhappy with somebody/something?
  • Are you worried?
  • Are you annoyed?
  • Are you frustrated?
  • Are you irritable?
  • Are you restless?

Whatever it is. Identify the source and get aware of the why. Writing down sometimes can directly relativizes our position.

How to trick your perspective

Feelings can be stubborn. Fear must first show itself as such until we can laugh in its face. Sometimes we don’t even know what’s bothering us and why we’re not happier at that moment. We see the good and can’t get out of our skin. So how can we get out of this situation?

Do sports:
Easiest to way to change your mind? Change your body.

Accept what you can’t change
It’s not about giving-up. Some circumstances we just have to find peace with.

Forgive yourself
Our self-talk is often unfair and much too hard. Stop judging and accept imperfection as human.

Meditate without objective
Do not meditate to solve the problem. In order to restart we first need to stop the engine. Master the mindfulness-state.

Be thankful
What are you grateful for? It’s impossible to be thankful and angry at the same time.

Choose a method and break your mode. Interrupt it. 
Come back to a normal state.

Find a new perspective

When you look at a problem with distance, everything becomes clearer. We only gain this distance through movement.
Staying in a state that is toxic, unproductive, and makes us unhappy does not help us solve a problem.

So get moving:

  • Stop thinking about something for endless hours.
  • Read a book, if you can’t stop.
  • Get some sleep.
  • Give yourself an emotional break.
  • Put your body in a different state.
  • Treat yourself as somebody that you love.
  • Be clear about why or for whom you are doing something.
  • Be aware of what drives you.
    For whom or what do you get up every day and tackle life?


… you might just be in a bad mood.

… you only know after some time what it was good for.

… suffering is just part of life.

We are tested in all possible ways. 
Not without reason every life is unique.

Life is simply life

We cannot determine everything in our lives. Determine whether all things will be successful. Whether problems will arise or not.
But we can control how we approach life:

  • How we treat people.
  • What value we see in things.
  • How we face our feelings, fears and the perspective with which we go through life.

Thank you for reading 🙏

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