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Start your own blog

Allow your first blog post to fail.

The pure idea of starting a regular writing habit in public can scare you. The chances are high that you bore others. So accept this and move on. Learning is anyhow the objective of new routines. Isn’t it?

You should continue. Here is why.
Writing is a meta skill like reading. It will help you in all areas of your life. So to create a writing habit in some form will probably change your life forever. Reaching mastery is not a goal, yet. Keep that for things that proofed over time. A good habit will anyhow bring you to mastery. With patience, you will see. Reading good books will make you a better writer over time.

For a quick start, look for resources that allow you to follow the Pareto principle (80–20 rule). Learn 80% of the craft with the best 20% resources that you can find. A good starting point is the blog article “The Day You Became a Better Writer” by Scott Adams. A tip to add value to your first blog post: link somebody who already nailed it. Convince yourself to think small. Focus on the next article. Choose topics that are meaningful to you. One day you have your blog.

If you’re still scared. Don’t be afraid, the fear will stay. Dance with it as best you can. Tell everyone you’re writing a blog now. And then keep it up.

Thanks for reading.
Greetz, Stefan

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